Life, should be planned like this


Life, should be planned like this

Before the age of 20: Most people are the same, go to school and study., build your own foundation.

銆€銆€Complete basic education in the context of parents and friends, social value impacts and misunderstandings.

If you choose to study, you should be motivated. When you have not entered the industry, how high you can read, and when you enter the industry, you are a freshman in society.

But once you have your work experience and have the heart to learn, there are of course many pipes and relatively many struggles.

Because you don’t know the age, conditions, qualifications. Is it worthwhile to invest in such a training?

If you believe that you have to be an office worker all your life, education is very important to you. Otherwise, time is precious, and you are not allowed to go the wrong way. 20-25 years old: You must know how to master and plan your future.It is a no regrets no return.

銆€銆€Just get the powers that the law pays you, you have to do your duty and learn to face the responsibility.

At this time, you are joy, contradiction and pain. The joy comes from the beginning of being called some autonomy. The contradiction comes from the umbilical cord relationship with the parents. The pain is to start trying to make mistakes.

You have to start planning for your future, such as going to school, employment, feelings. taking back your own mastery of life, and not always being influenced by people to swing your future.

銆€銆€25-30 years old: Learn interpersonal relationships, know more positive friends, and these friends will be the backbone of the industry in ten years.

銆€銆€You are like a sponge, trying to absorb and willingly being crushed, just for the growth of the self.

At this time, you should be work-oriented and salary.

You should be preoccupied with the promotion.

Because only by hard work, you will dare to be aggressive, and the motivation of the new society should let you rush out of your own life, and because you have no experience, you will not understand setbacks.

Because there are not many resources, everything is done to the people and listen to the fate.

Now you: get the salary of others, learn the experience of others, give your youth and rebuild your future.

銆€銆€30-35 years old: Learn to accumulate experience, contact opportunities, and the support of good teachers and friends is a great tool to enhance your growth.

銆€銆€You have to learn to judge opportunities, master opportunities, and no longer try to make mistakes.

At this time, you should be career-oriented and family-oriented, and work should be transformed from physical strength to brain power.

What you should see is the vision, not the current situation, facing a broad life, not the self.

Marriage is the first major consequence of many people facing life. In the face of marriage, many people think that marriage is the end of a responsibility, but it is the beginning of learning.

Just like some companies that have just listed on the cabinet, they thought that the goal was achieved, they forgot their corporate responsibility and ignored the industry.

It is the beginning of a nightmare.

銆€銆€The person’s business is not to run his own family. The purpose of making money is not to hope to give his family a better life, but to be an excuse to ignore his family. A person who runs a bad family, even if he earns the whole world, heAll that is obtained is the applause of the surface. There is always a gap in the circle of his life.

Home should be your biggest spiritual pillar.

Power source and strong backing!

銆€銆€35-40 years old: time management, transforming mood.

銆€銆€Transform with the mind to work, don’t use the body to work.

You have to enjoy the hope of giving people a good layout.

At this time, you should be business-oriented. Work is just a kind of leisure, and it can be transformed into responsibility for others.

If you focus on research, you should not only be poor.

24 hours of sleeplessness to work hard, you should have the ambition to establish a research institution and become a group of people to do more research and development; if you are a business executive, you should not only stay in the camp, but you should be able to withstand the negative suffering.The devastated employees and family members lead them to enjoy a better life.

The size of the shape will affect how much you achieve, and be an influential person, not affected.