Liposuction starts from the waist


Liposuction starts from the waist

The voluptuous sexy waist is how envious of a man, to a woman, if you feel the waist is obese, then liposuction starts from the waist!

銆€銆€People feel that when they get fat, they almost all start from the waist.

The ladies first felt the gradual bulging of the lower abdomen, while the men began to gain weight from the upper abdomen.

Obese waist and abdomen relax people’s body bloated, slow-moving.

The disappointing waistline will become an ineffective way to lose weight, the lower the minimum, so that your confidence in weight loss is greatly frustrated.

銆€銆€The abdominal wall is composed of skin, subcutaneous aunt, abdominal muscles and peritoneum. When resetting the subcutaneous aunt layer, it is necessary to guard against accidental injury to the peritoneum to prevent accidents, especially in the treatment of abdominal wall tissue relaxation.

The waist and abdomen liposuction, directly remove the hypertrophied aunt cells, so that the local aunt layer becomes very thin, making the waist thinner.

Since the unfortunate cells have been taken out, the material basis for rebounding and getting fat does not exist, and it will not gain weight any more.

The aunt of the waist and abdomen can enter 800-4000ml at a time, the effect is not obvious when it is about 800ml, and the recovery time needs to be extended when it exceeds 4000ml.

銆€銆€The human skin has good elasticity. The so-called primiparas can be restored to the original waist within one month after birth.

In the case of liposuction and weight loss surgery, part of the subcutaneous nutrition small blood vessels are damaged, so that the nutrition of the skin is relatively reduced. Excessive skin needs to be retracted. After the occurrence, the skin of the surgical site will be unexpectedly tight and moderate.

Surgery is best performed under epidural anesthesia, which is safer and more thorough than local anesthesia.