How much does it cost to change jobs? In order to get a high salary or for further development, many people often think of changing jobs first. Of course, the starting point of this idea is good, but many job seekers don’t pay much attention to the possible risks ofContinue Reading

12 more foods to nourish the brain 1. Milk Milk is a near-perfect nutrition. It has protein, calcium, and amino acids necessary for the brain. Calcium in milk is most easily absorbed by humans and is an important substance that is not ingested by brain metabolism. In addition, it alsoContinue Reading

Improper fitness makes you invalid When lifting heavy objects, shoulder straps and waist belts are good tools, but they ca n’t be used often, otherwise they will have the opposite effect, which may cause your muscles to develop imbalancedly. In addition, excessive use will cause serious injuries.Use sparingly. Does thisContinue Reading

Anaerobic exercise makes you more men Anaerobic exercise refers to the high-speed vertical movement of muscles in a state of “hypoxia”. Most of the anaerobic exercise is exercise with high load intensity and instantaneous strength, so it is difficult to continue, and the time to eliminate fatigue is slow.   TheContinue Reading

Causes acupuncture can cause intracranial bleeding Those who perform or receive acupuncture at the back of the neck should understand that this treatment can lead to the danger of acute intracranial hemorrhage or subarachnoid hemorrhage.   Dr. Daniel Zhong An of Loma Linda University in California, USA and Dr. Geng YueContinue Reading

Kidney deficiency, starting with these symptoms To prevent kidney deficiency, we must first pay attention to rest, combine work and rest, and be good at relieving mental stress through some leisure activities . Signs of kidney deficiency: frequent nocturia, obesity, soft waist and legs, insomnia, dreams, chest tightness, shortness ofContinue Reading

_1 Skincare Tips for Mature Woman Acne Brightening I used to think that acne only belongs to a young age with excessively strong secretions. I always feel that although the years gradually take away the moisture and elasticity of our skin, we should always get something. For example, acne isContinue Reading

Sour radish and duck soup warm up appetizers in winter Sour turnip Laoya Tang is a famous dish of the Han nationality, a classic stew in Chongqing cuisine. The main ingredients are duck and pickled radish, and the main cooking technique is stew. The finished product is delicious and delicious,Continue Reading