Husband and wife set a communication day The last Saturday of each month is the “communication day” when Yuxia and her husband can’t move.   The couple are busy in the unit. In the past, Yu Xia, who was the sales team leader in the mall, stood at the counter everyContinue Reading

_1 Rosemary Friends who like western food believe that they are no stranger to rosemary. When you add thin leaves when cooking, you can remove the fishy smell and overflow the steak aroma; fresh grass can be used for tea, bathing, sweating and refreshing;But it is both a condiment andContinue Reading

Some common foods that can replace eye cream The most fearful thing among the MMs is the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes. You buy too many expensive cosmetics, but not many are really effective. How can you get rid of these nasty little things? Come and shareContinue Reading

Personal characteristics from the details of the meal Professor Glen Wilson, a psychologist at the University of London, et al., Found that people who like to walk around with a glass of wine during their meals, and who gushed about their opinions are usually confident and open, hoping to meetContinue Reading

锘? 4 kinds of drinks drink slim body Don’t think that you can lose weight when you are hungry every day. “Drinking” and “Eating” are equally important for losing weight, so choosing the right drink will make you slimmer. 銆€銆€1, two kinds of drinks that can “turn off” the drought:Continue Reading

锘? Three you must know the truth about losing weight Recently, many weight loss truths have awakened a bunch of dreamers. Here are the top three weight loss stories and their analysis. 銆€銆€1. With obese friends, it is easier to increase the weight story: Do you go shopping together, playContinue Reading