Body Pressing Rubbing the abdomen can pass up and down, divide the yin and yang, remove the old and the new, enrich the five internal organs, drive away the evils of external feelings, and clear the internal symptoms of internal health. Modern medicine believes that rubbing the abdomen can increaseContinue Reading

Say goodbye to stress relaxation Snoring: Learn to take a nap in all occasions at home, in the office, or even in the car. It only takes 10 minutes to cheer you up.   Imagination: Relax your brain by imagining places you like, such as the sea, mountains, etc .; concentrateContinue Reading

Coarse grains eat delicate and bright skin Modern people eat fine and fine, but this does not mean eating healthy. Studies have found that eating “fine” and “coarse” is the most nutritious way to eat.   ”Coarse grain” is a very broad concept, which mainly refers to grains including corn, sorghum,Continue Reading

Strictly abide by the “six nos” principle The occurrence of esophageal cancer is closely related to people’s living habits. Five bad habits in life, be careful of esophageal cancer! For example, in the high incidence area of esophageal cancer in China, people often eat pickled vegetables, so the chance ofContinue Reading

Husband and wife set a communication day The last Saturday of each month is the “communication day” when Yuxia and her husband can’t move.   The couple are busy in the unit. In the past, Yu Xia, who was the sales team leader in the mall, stood at the counter everyContinue Reading

_1 Rosemary Friends who like western food believe that they are no stranger to rosemary. When you add thin leaves when cooking, you can remove the fishy smell and overflow the steak aroma; fresh grass can be used for tea, bathing, sweating and refreshing;But it is both a condiment andContinue Reading

Some common foods that can replace eye cream The most fearful thing among the MMs is the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes. You buy too many expensive cosmetics, but not many are really effective. How can you get rid of these nasty little things? Come and shareContinue Reading

Personal characteristics from the details of the meal Professor Glen Wilson, a psychologist at the University of London, et al., Found that people who like to walk around with a glass of wine during their meals, and who gushed about their opinions are usually confident and open, hoping to meetContinue Reading