Pork Ribs Tea 1 kg of raw thin ribs, angelica 25g, 2 anise, 1 lemongrass, 1 ginger, 1 garlic, about 50g (unpeeled), 2 tablespoons raw, half tablespoon old, 1 spoon saltRight amount.   Practice 1. Pork ribs are chopped into pieces, washed, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes, washed outContinue Reading

Get rid of acne rumors and cure acne As for facial acne, everyone is deeply disgusted, but why your acne homework seems to be done in vain, and it has no effect? You need to calmly examine whether your acne treatment is correct. Now, I will break down the fiveContinue Reading

Advantages of breast pump + bottle replacement Breastfeeding in person will encounter a lot of unexpected problems. Some novice moms are late to feed, and they give the baby a milk bottle. After waiting for milk, they find that the baby is not willing to eat the mother’s nipples. SomeContinue Reading

Baby hygiene products Choose good hygiene products for your baby and let your baby grow up healthy.   1. Cotton swabs for babies: ear, nose, and navel care Reasons: ★★★ 2. Sterilized cotton: wipe mother’s nipples and baby’s buttocks: ★★★ 3, baby oil: remove earwax and other displacements.★ 4, baby powder:Continue Reading

Skull shape and disease in children After birth or during development, children’s skull morphology changes due to congenital dysplasia and the effects of certain diseases. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the morphology of the skull in pediatric diseases. Children’s skulls are too large for congenital hydrocephalus. In children, theContinue Reading

Forever young loves my anti-aging massage There are many ways to love yourself now. In addition to applying skin care products daily, it is actually more effective to do massage. The correct massage method is matched with the appropriate skin care products. It is really simple to want to beContinue Reading

Super Easy Facial Yoga In winter, if you are obese, you can hide your fat belly and limbs in your coat, but you can’t hide your face. A big fat face will make you lose your femininity. Don’t be lazy because of the cold weather. Let’s practice facial yoga together,Continue Reading

Healthy aerobic exercise that lasts a long time ● Don’t rely on money to buy health, you have a “team of burning teenagers” in your body. If you persist in exercise for several months, you can “recruit soldiers and buy horses” and exercise your own “combustion team”!   ● “Aerobic exercise”,Continue Reading