Artemisia sojae Sowing Lady Artemisia is an annual herb of the Brassicaceae family. Stems erect, branched, flowers yellowish, long-angled narrow stripe, seeds ovate-brown, finely reticulated. North China, Northwest China, East China and Sichuan are distributed. Seeds contain up to 40% oil and are edible. They are also used medicinally asContinue Reading

Learn how Qianlong prolonged life Emperor Qianlong reigned for 60 years at the age of 89, and was one of the long-lived emperors in Chinese history. It is said that Emperor Qianlong was in good health in his twilight years. He did not use his glasses in his whole life.Continue Reading

Baby hygiene products Choose good hygiene products for your baby and let your baby grow up healthy.   1. Cotton swabs for babies: ear, nose, and navel care Reasons: ★★★ 2. Sterilized cotton: wipe mother’s nipples and baby’s buttocks: ★★★ 3, baby oil: remove earwax and other displacements.★ 4, baby powder:Continue Reading

Middle-aged man needs sweating for fitness Basically, exercise has many shortcomings to the human body. However, too many middle-aged people are tired due to work and family, their exercise volume is obviously insufficient, and they are susceptible to various diseases. In recent years, foreign scientists have put forward a newContinue Reading

Strictly abide by the “six nos” principle The occurrence of esophageal cancer is closely related to people’s living habits. Five bad habits in life, be careful of esophageal cancer! For example, in the high incidence area of esophageal cancer in China, people often eat pickled vegetables, so the chance ofContinue Reading

How do yoga practitioners talk about yoga? ◆ Fan Wenying, 28-year-old manager of a foreign company, started practicing yoga for half a year to cure insomnia. Because the pressure of work is too great, as long as I lie in bed, work matters are in my head and I can’tContinue Reading

Steamed fruit is better than medicine Although fruit is rich in nutrition, its characteristics are not suitable for everyone. Some people with weak spleen and stomach are not easy to digest and absorb diarrhea. Steaming the fruit to eat, not only weakens the cold performance, but also doubles the therapeuticContinue Reading

Hengyang Qingyou College cuisine Hengyang, with a history of 2,000 years, is the hometown of Sanmiao, called Hengzhou, and has the reputation of “Zhezhong Jiali”. According to legend, “Yan is not a Hengyang”, so Hengyang City is also known as “Yancheng.” Today’s Hengyang is very avant-garde and fashionable, more thanContinue Reading

Skull shape and disease in children After birth or during development, children’s skull morphology changes due to congenital dysplasia and the effects of certain diseases. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the morphology of the skull in pediatric diseases. Children’s skulls are too large for congenital hydrocephalus. In children, theContinue Reading

How do elderly couples achieve psychological compatibility? Psychologically “run-in” couples’ personality, hobbies and living habits are not exactly the same. They can only adapt to each other if they “run in” under the inevitable confrontation. We should respect and allow each other to have their own unique interests and hobbies,Continue Reading