Pork Ribs Tea 1 kg of raw thin ribs, angelica 25g, 2 anise, 1 lemongrass, 1 ginger, 1 garlic, about 50g (unpeeled), 2 tablespoons raw, half tablespoon old, 1 spoon saltRight amount.   Practice 1. Pork ribs are chopped into pieces, washed, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes, washed outContinue Reading

Bean sprouts help to absorb zinc in iron box The so-called “five colors into five internal organs”, various beans are very good for the health of human organs. Experts remind that you can choose different beans tonic according to your body, and eating bean sprouts can avoid the absorption ofContinue Reading

Medicinal diet for patients with heart failure Heart-kidney-yang deficiency is characterized by edema in the lower extremities or under the umbilicus, cool limbs, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of urination, action asthma, pale moss, and thin pulses. Should eat warm kidney water, diuretic medicated diet.   苓桂术甘粥  [原料]茯苓15克,白术6克,桂枝6克,冬瓜皮20克,白芍10克,甘草6克,干姜6克,粳米50克。  [Methods]Poria, atractylodes, winter melon peel, cinnamon sticks,Continue Reading

Body Pressing Rubbing the abdomen can pass up and down, divide the yin and yang, remove the old and the new, enrich the five internal organs, drive away the evils of external feelings, and clear the internal symptoms of internal health. Modern medicine believes that rubbing the abdomen can increaseContinue Reading

Don’t underestimate your child’s inferiority complex The so-called inferiority refers to a person’s serious lack of self-confidence. They often think that they are inferior to others in certain aspects or aspects. They often separate their weaknesses from others’ strengths. This is specifically reflected in the fact that they do notContinue Reading

Say goodbye to stress relaxation Snoring: Learn to take a nap in all occasions at home, in the office, or even in the car. It only takes 10 minutes to cheer you up.   Imagination: Relax your brain by imagining places you like, such as the sea, mountains, etc .; concentrateContinue Reading

Fun test: measuring the potential of birth date The test of inner personality and potential strength based on the date of birth may seem incredible, but it has become very popular in Japan recently, and the testees have found that they can find accurate and wonderful answers. Do you believeContinue Reading

Get rid of acne rumors and cure acne As for facial acne, everyone is deeply disgusted, but why your acne homework seems to be done in vain, and it has no effect? You need to calmly examine whether your acne treatment is correct. Now, I will break down the fiveContinue Reading

Healthy way to eat litchi in summer Litchi is known as the best fruit of Lingnan in China. It is beautiful in color, fragrance and taste, and also rich in nutritional value. It has many benefits. However, only by mastering the healthy eating method of litchi can its therapeutic effectContinue Reading