Improper fitness makes you invalid

Improper fitness makes you invalid

When lifting heavy objects, shoulder straps and waist belts are good tools, but they ca n’t be used often, otherwise they will have the opposite effect, which may cause your muscles to develop imbalancedly. In addition, excessive use will cause serious injuries.Use sparingly.

Does this happen often?

That is, the appearance is getting worse, the sleep is getting worse, and the training effect is getting less and less satisfactory.

Then see if you have made the following mistakes.

  1. Do not do warm-up and contraction activities For tendons, muscles and joints, weightlifting is a very intense exercise, so be sure to do some appropriate warm-up exercises before weightlifting exercises to allow the body to move fully, so thatCause physical harm.

Warm up with a lighter weight before doing weight lifting, or do a disassembly exercise.

  Otherwise it will cause very serious injuries to your body. The light ones will hurt the muscles and the serious ones will hurt the joints.

Unpreparedness will also affect your overall exercise, which is to reduce efficiency.

Warming up before exercising is just like warming up the car before driving. It is an important step to get the best results.

  2. Don’t write a fitness diary. Some people are very enthusiastic about fitness and training very hard. But after training, you don’t want to do anything, let alone keep a training diary.

People often ask me: do you write a training diary?

To be honest, I train every day and never write it down, but I remember it.

But you have to remember that the worst notebook has better memory than the smartest brain.

  According to experience, some people may interrupt the exercise diary, but it is best to maintain continuity, try to make more training records, record the time of each exercise, the type and weight of equipment used, and the intensity of the exerciseAllows you to have an idea of your progress, and eventually you will achieve the best results.

  3. Never change the fitness plan. Fitness must be regular. You ca n’t practice this today. You will work hard to practice that tomorrow. You should develop a training plan. Once you have set it, you must follow this plan to exercise. However, this is not to say thatWith the plan, nothing will change.

It is wrong for some people to implement the same plan a year without changing it.

  If you want to have a long-term effect, then you should change the training plan every two months, otherwise, you cannot achieve satisfactory results without the possibility of training.

  Changing your training does not mean changing every exercise of every body part. If an exercise works well and is suitable for you, you can use it without hindering, just simply change the angle, intensity or length of time, thisMay make you feel more interesting and the effect will be better.

  4. Excessive use of shoulder straps and belts. When lifting heavy objects, shoulder straps and belts are good tools, but they cannot be used often, otherwise they will have the opposite effect and risk your muscles from developing in a balanced manner.It can also cause serious injury, so use it sparingly.
  Does this happen often?

That is, the appearance is getting worse, the sleep is getting worse, and the training effect is getting less and less satisfactory.
Then see if you have made the following mistakes.

  5. Eating Errors Eating errors include irregularities, picky eating, partial nutrition, and imbalanced nutrition. Eating errors cannot be achieved by a person.

Protein is the main nutrient for increasing muscle. In addition, if you want to have and maintain a healthy body, you must also supplement and other necessary nutrients.

  There are other nutritional issues to consider, at least a sufficient daily supplement and plenty of water.

Because this topic is so important for fitness, check out more articles on common nutritional mistakes.

  6, if you want to build a shapely and healthy body through exercise, then whole body exercise is necessary.

Don’t just pay attention to the exercise of some parts and ignore the exercise of other parts, if that is the case, it will be difficult for you to have an ideal figure.

  For example, the legs, the muscles on the legs account for 40% of the body muscles, but people often ignore the exercise of the legs, which is why some people have a fit upper body and two legs support the body like double chopsticks.

  7. Blindly lifting weights. Every gym can at least correct such a fool. He is trying hard to lift weights beyond his ability. He will have kidney qi, disc herniation, joint dislocation and tear muscles as much as possibleDanger, he will sacrifice his appearance.

Good size is the key to building a fit, so remember to not sacrifice your size for lifting heavy objects.

  8. Lack of rest If you get enough rest, then you will find that your physical strength has decreased, and the effect will not be too ideal.

It is important to ensure that you have 8 hours of accurate sleep every night to ensure that your body can recover on its own.

In addition, exercise every part of the body in a balanced manner, and don’t let any one part become excessively tired.

Avoid exercising the same body part within 24 to 48 hours.

  9. Fitness without increasing the intensity is a gradual process. You cannot always use the same intensity for long-term exercise. You should increase the intensity a little after changing, and complete each group of exercise 100%, otherwise it is meaningless.

One of the mistakes people usually make is that when they are the last one, they often have to save energy. This is really a big mistake.

  10. Excessive exercise is longer than required, too much exercise for a particular body part, or too much exercise. These are all signs of excessive exercise.Believe it or not, too much exercise is just as ineffective for fitness as not exercising at all.

  In order to achieve the best results, exercise regularly and make sure your exercise works equally on every part of your body.

Remember, you don’t need to exercise too much. Proper exercise works best.