Suitable for white collar weekend fitness program

Suitable for white collar weekend fitness program

For busy white-collar workers, most of the real exercise is done on weekends. Is there any way to combine relaxation and fitness?

What about a weekend fitness plan?

In fact, many outdoor sports can make you have fun and fitness.

Take a look at the following options now.

  Put aside all the work, go outdoors together and enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  Outdoor exercise one: Mountain climbing and climbing For those who sit and work in front of the computer all day, they are “cared for” by the turbid gas and radiation emitted by the computer repeatedly every day. After working for a day, people become unconscious and dizzyAlready.

  Quickly take advantage of the weekend time to breathe the long-lost fresh air outdoors, climb up and put yourself in the nature, share the breath, and sweat quickly, and throw away all the busy and tiredness of the week.

Mountain climbing is a recommended aerobic exercise, which can promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate the blood circulation of the body, improve endurance and leg strength, and enhance cardiopulmonary function.

  Outdoor sports two: Whether it’s real ice or roller skating, skating is a fitness program that combines exercise and entertainment in one, and the effect of fitness is achieved while playing.

Skating mainly exercises the muscles of the legs and improves the posture and coordination of the limbs.

  Outdoor sports 3: Don’t want to go shopping when shopping?

For many women, there is a lack of interest in sports, so go for the women’s favorite way.

Don’t stay at home on weekends, go out shopping, walk up, it is also a good way to sports and leisure.

Women stroll around the street for as little as three or two hours, as long as seven or eight hours, or even throughout the day. The non-stop movement increases leg strength and can also consume body penetration.

  Outdoor sports 4: White-collar workers with conditions for diving, may wish to take advantage of weekends and have a good time at the beach, especially those who have fixed movements every day and their lives have not changed much.

Too stable life, there will always be a ripple in your heart from time to time, diving can meet your stimulation and the expectation of free life, dive into the water, feel like a free fish, happy swimming.

In addition, the bad emotions in my heart will disappear.

  Conclusion: It is good to have the idea of exercise and fitness.

However, fitness is in a hurry, and you need to be skilled. Don’t let it come, or your health will be hurt in the end.

The above mentioned sports editors recommend that these office workers can go out to exercise with their friends when they are fine. In addition to physical fitness, they can also improve their relationship with their friends. Come on!