Is a divorced man worthwhile?

Is a divorced man worthwhile?

Emotional investment Second-hand men who have experienced marriage should be cautious!

They are more mature and considerate than the hairy guys, but they are also more realistic and dangerous!

  8 points of devaluation of divorced men1 He has become less and less romantic.

Because of the failure of a marriage, a divorced man becomes calm and rational.

They are no longer like the hairy guys, they may play Dongbula at your window every night; they may want to pick the moon in the sky for you; they may give you a thousand paper cranes, etc. The divorced man will find romance to beAn unreal, unreliable emotion.

Because the romance they once had is now empty, they become very realistic.

They believe that reality is reliable. Romance is a fairy tale that is 18 years old.

  2 He may be indulgent.

This is a universal era, the pursuit of happiness and sexual liberation has become the collective unconsciousness of many men.

When a man lifts his marriage restrictions, he can easily gain more sex because he can’t hold back all kinds of temptations.

Indulgence is sometimes addictive. Foreign studies have shown that many single men suffer from “one-night stand addiction.”

If you marry a man like this, can you believe that he will quickly withdraw from the one-night stand addiction?

  3 He becomes more valued with money.

When a man is in love for the first time, he can say to a woman “beauty and no country”. However, in this economic society, perhaps a property dispute after the end of a marriage makes him have nothing.

With so much pain, once such a man re-enters the marriage, he will care more about the preservation of property.

He may come to you with a notarial property before marriage; his property status may make you misty; he may even hide a private treasury from you, because he already believes that feelings are changeable, and people ‘s hearts are fickle, soHe only loved himself.

  4 He has become less passionate.

Most of the divorced men are in their thirties. Men in their thirties are different from women in their thirties. When a woman’s sexual ability is going uphill at this age, scientific research shows that the sexual ability of middle-aged menBut it is going downhill.

Therefore, he may not last long enough; because he has to work hard, the middle-aged person is under great pressure, and he may not be so enthusiastic about sex; he may not be as vigorous and powerful as he was when he was young, having sex with him, You may feel like warm water, no passion, if you do not want to experience the dusk of sex as soon as you get married, then be careful.

  5He is always ready to divorce again.

Sometimes divorce is painful, but the heart is immune, and time is the best medicine to heal a wound.

Once the divorced man walked out of the pain of divorce, he threw the pain out of the clouds, and instead fixed his inner freedom and freedom.

Therefore, if you have conflicts with him, it will be difficult for him to compromise and make ends meet, because in his opinion, divorce is not a big deal.

After all, “I’ve been away once, don’t I live well?”

“―He would think so.

  6There may be some kind of defect in his character.

Those successful marriages are a touchstone for a person’s mature personality. A good marriage requires a man to exist: a tolerant heart, a considerate heart, a sense of responsibility, a healthy personality, a career, maturity, and so on.

No marriage is perfect. This sentence, on the other hand, means that one person and the other person consult each other, work together, and continue to solve problems until they become stable.

Therefore, a divorced man is likely to have certain defects in some aspects. His defects were not eliminated yesterday, so in the future life, he will inevitably repeat the old problems.

  7He will look at Shu forever.

The reason why a considerable number of divorced men have not remarried for a long time is that he wants to find a better one.

Think about it, as long as you tap the keyboard to enter any dating site, and the beauties of the world are waiting for this man to choose, will he stop his “hunting” footsteps?

There is no better, only relatively suitable.

But the divorced men do not believe that they may be perfectionists, “rather than jade, not tile”, and don’t stop until you find a better death.

Therefore, once you fall in love with him, you will find that one day his eyes drifted away.

  8. He will often compare you to his ex-wife.

Your food is not good, he misses the cooking of his ex-wife; your housework is not ideal, he misses the hard-working housekeeper of his ex-wife; what makes you uncomfortable is that if you do not perform well in your sexual lifeHe will miss the feeling of being with his predecessor. In short, you will find that his predecessor is like a ubiquitous ghost, constantly returning to you and his life.

  Divorced men’s 8 value-added points1 he will even please women.A good woman is a school for men. Even an unsuccessful marriage is a practice for men.

The entanglement with his ex-wife will make men better understand what women need.

Why do women like to make small tempers?

Do women have a special physiological cycle?

Why do women need more care?

After understanding this, men will be more considerate of women.

  2 He will become better at solving problems in marriage.

Maybe he is afraid of emotional injuries, because women are weighty, men are strong outside, but it is difficult to resist emotional setbacks; maybe just because of cost considerations, he would want to divorce and become nothing, so there is another contradictionHe will work hard to solve it and other issues; if he cannot solve it, he will work hard to compromise, because in his mind, he hopes not to endure the pain of divorce.

  3 He will be more mature.

Nothing gives a man a mature charm more than frustration.

In the first marriage, he needs to learn how to get along with women, how to fulfill her husband’s responsibilities and obligations, and how to support a woman’s sky. However, if the marriage fails, he will have to calm down and reflect onGains and losses in marriage.

Mature due to retrospection and avoiding the same mistakes, he transitioned from a hairy guy to a mature man.

  4 He will be more realistic.

Some people say that when an unmarried boy proposes to a girl, he only offers love and sweet words, but when a divorced man proposes to a girl, he offers a house and money.

Divorced men may not be romantic enough in their attitudes towards marriage, and may be occasionally cowardly, and this is why they wake up from romance and understand the nature of life more.

  5 He is more able to coordinate interpersonal relationships.

Men who fail in marriage always sympathize with those around them.

Especially in the eyes of his parents, he is even more in need of care.

When a person is in frustration, he knows more about affection and love. Then, he will not be so proud, he will notice the emotional communication with the people around him, because he understands that good interpersonal relationships will protect himself in any difficult lifeIt will not be alone.

  6 He knows more about the importance of independence.

Do you long for passionate love?

Most women will answer yes without hesitation.

However, if a man prevents you from interacting with other men and only desires him to have you alone, will such love choke you?

Long-term love requires distance. Two independent personalities support each other. Men who are injured in the passion of first marriage often understand the importance of independent personality.

In your opinion, he is now a large leafy tree, not a rattan that needs to be attached.

  7 He has more sexual experience.

To choose a virgin or an experienced man, too many women may increase.

Divorced men know what kind of caress a woman needs, they understand emotional communication, they are gentle and considerate, and a divorced man can surprise you from the beginning.

  8 Most of them succeed.

Most of the divorced men are nearly middle-aged, and after more than ten years of hard work, many of them are in the rising stage of their careers.

In short, to be his first wife is to work hard with him, and to be his successor, you just need to “down the mountain to pick peaches” and enjoy it.