Reasonable sleep and physical and mental health


Reasonable sleep and physical and mental health

Sleep is essential for everyone.

The main effects of sleep on human physiological health are as follows.


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This is a large amount of metabolic waste that is constantly accumulating in various tissues and organs in the human body. These wastes, such as lactic acid, are fatigued when accumulated to a certain extent. This is the human nervous system.The protective response to the accumulation of metabolic waste in the body, if you do not stop to rest at this time, the human physiological function will be harmed, the nervous system regulation failure, the body’s resistance will also decline.

銆€銆€Disease prevention and rickets have regular living and living, adequate and appropriate sleep can prevent the occurrence of diseases, and can also prevent and improve the disease.

In our daily life, we have a good night’s sleep, and most of them can be found to be relieved after waking up.

This is not without reason.

When people are sick, the acidity of the cell wall regenerated by the bacteria will increase, so that sleep will increase, and the body’s immune process will also increase, which will help the disease to heal.

銆€銆€Promote the development of a child in the body growth and development period, the physical development of the state of life, and the quality of sleep has a very close relationship.

The growth and development of children and adolescents is controlled by growth hormone. The redundancy of growth hormone secretion is better for children. If the growth hormone secretion is reduced, the child’s growth and development will be slow.

Most of the growth hormones that promote growth and development are secreted during sleep, and the secretion is reduced or stopped when awake.

Therefore, in order for children and children to grow and develop well, they must have enough sleep.

銆€銆€Improving the efficiency of one’s work efficiency, the agility of accepting and reacting to things, as well as the ability to remember and think, are closely related to his sleep.

Especially for younger students, their IQ is high and their academic performance is more closely related to sleep.

Children’s organs are tender, prone to fatigue, and the brain is also effective. When asleep, the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex are in a protective inhibition state, which will be supplemented by energy and blood oxygen. After eliminating fatigue, the brain has higher excitement.Sex.

The good sleep of such a child is related to his intellectual development. Therefore, the parents of each primary school student must let the child sleep well in order to make the child’s academic performance better.

銆€銆€Extending lifespan In a person’s life, there is about a set of time spent on sleep, which is not a waste of time for a person who cherishes time, but the fact is not.

If a person does not have enough sleep, his life span can be significantly extended.

Modern scientific research has confirmed that all physiological activities in the body will slow down during sleep, and the process of restoring and re-accumulating energy.

If diabetes does not sleep or insomnia, the light can cause nervous system dysfunction, so that the body’s immune function declines, and severe cases can lead to decline.

Some people have found that their plasma total lipids, lipoproteins and plasma are elevated when they test the blood of people with insufficient sleep. This is the main cause of arteriosclerosis. Therefore, moderate sleep is beneficial to prolong life.