Chinese medicine slimming soup magical removal aunt

Chinese medicine slimming soup magical removal aunt

This pure Chinese medicine formula weight loss soup is a safe weight loss method advocated by many beauty ladies.

If you’re still in trouble for your own extra time, try it yourself and say goodbye to discarding your belly and fat without fasting.

  All the ingredients needed for Miraculous Fat-Free Slimming Soup are: Cassia Seed, Hawthorn, Plantain Seed, Chenpi, Polygonum Multiflorum, Licorice and Coriander Shell.

They can be bought in ordinary Chinese medicine shops: Cassia seed: it has antiasthmatic, choleretic, liver-protective, antihypertensive effects, and has certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Can clear liver and kidney, eyesight, and diuresis.

Tea with Cassia Seeds has the effect of promoting peristalsis in the body, removing bowel movements in the body, reducing blood lipids and blood pressure.

  Hawthorn: It has the functions of promoting gastric juice secretion and increasing gastric enzymes. Hawthorn also has effects such as dehydration and retention, convergence and antidiarrhea, and blood circulation.

Hawthorn contains medicinal ingredients such as hill asphalt and brass. It has significant blood vessel expansion and antihypertensive effects. It has the functions of strengthening the heart muscle, anti-arrhythmia, and regulating blood lipids and plasma levels.

  Psyllium: it can relieve swelling, nourish the liver and eyesight, expectorant and relieve cough.

Especially for chronic bronchitis and hypertension, urethritis, cystitis has a good therapeutic effect.

  Chenpi: Chenpi contains volatile oil, orange peel content, vitamin B, C and other components. The volatile oil contained in it has a mild stimulating effect on the injection tract, can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate gas accumulation in the intestine, and increase appetite.

Chenpi has the effects of ventilating and strengthening the spleen, moistening phlegm, relieving tiredness and retaining fragrance, and reducing backache and vomiting.

  Polygonum multiflorum: The raw material of Polygonum multiflorum is strong in intestinal laxative effect. Its active ingredient chrysophanol can cause peristalsis.

It is especially suitable for those with high blood lipid content, which will be beneficial to defecation after taking it.

  Glycyrrhiza licorice: Licorice is beneficial for qi and middle, clearing heat and detoxifying, expelling phlegm and relieving cough.

With licorice combined with other drugs, it can treat symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, asthma, cough, and headache in the abdomen.

  Shell: Reasonable Qi wide, stagnation and bloating function.

It has obvious regulating effects on chest stagnation qi stagnation, fullness and pain, and indigestion.

Therefore, the first five materials are the main diarrhea, while the latter two are reconciled and coordinated with each other, which can easily eliminate the excess aunt and eliminate the side effects on the body.

  How to take weight-loss soup: 1. Formula of one dose: Cassia seed 50g, Hawthorn 10g, Psyllium seed 15g, Chenpi 10g, Heshouwu 7.

5g, licorice 5g, coriander shell 5g; all materials are soaked in cold water for 60 minutes; 2, after soaking, add 6 small bowls of water and cook over high heat;Probably can filter out 1?
2 bowls of soup come out; 3, filter out the soup residue, put in the warm, you can take it.

One dose per day, 10 doses per course.