Anaerobic exercise makes you more men

Anaerobic exercise makes you more men

Anaerobic exercise refers to the high-speed vertical movement of muscles in a state of “hypoxia”.

Most of the anaerobic exercise is exercise with high load intensity and instantaneous strength, so it is difficult to continue, and the time to eliminate fatigue is slow.

  The biggest feature of anaerobic exercise is that the oxygen intake during exercise is very low.

Due to the fast speed and explosive force, the sugar in the human body cannot be decomposed by oxygen, and has to withstand the “anaerobic energy supply”.

This kind of exercise will produce too much lactic acid in the body, causing muscle fatigue to be unsustainable, muscle pain and shortness of breath after exercise.

Common anaerobic events are: running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug of war, muscle training, etc.

  For men who want to improve their sexual performance through exercise, sports experts recommend the following three types of exercise: swimming to enhance endurance, which can directly exercise alternative parts such as weight, legs, waist, etc.It can also enhance human endurance.

In addition, stepping on the top of the water is full and round.

Studies have pointed out that most women admit that what attracts them the most is always the strong and smooth top of men.

  ”Cat Fracture Style” Relaxed “Cat Fracture Style” in shoulder-neck yoga is called kitten fracture limbs.

First, the man should kneel on both knees, sit close to his heels, stretch forward slightly, touch the ground with his palms, and stay still towards the front.

Hold for 15 seconds, then slowly relax and restore your upper body upright.

This action can stretch the arms, humerus and tibia, relieve the soreness caused by fatigue work, and avoid deformation of the shoulder and neck due to excessive tension.

  Riding exercise Leg strength and the sexual state of horse riding are in common with each other. Driving, mastering, controlling, changing, and even the “active” experience you want, all have the same effect as the process of sexual life.

Horse riding can also improve men’s responsiveness and coordination, exercise the whole body, especially the leg muscles, and make them strong and powerful.