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Skin care knowledge: make you more youthful facial movement

How to reduce wrinkles and make themselves younger is what many women want.

The Health and Wellness Network organizes several facial exercises popular in Europe and the United States to make your face less wrinkle and younger.

Female friends may wish to give it a try.

  Air kiss “solid lips” Roll up your lips and repeat or continue air kiss movements.

This action can effectively exercise the lips and prevent lips from sagging and wrinkles.

  Raise the “solid amount” of the eyebrows and pull the muscles above the eyebrows upwards, while smoothing the wrinkles on the forehead with your fingers, repeat 20 times.

This action is helpful to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  The trumpeter of the “gump” study of the drum gills, swells the jaws, lets the air move left and right in the mouth, and exercises the jaws in turn until the air runs out.

This action is repeated 4 times, and its effect is to help keep the jaws strong and soft.