Healthy way to eat litchi in summer

Healthy way to eat litchi in summer

Litchi is known as the best fruit of Lingnan in China. It is beautiful in color, fragrance and taste, and also rich in nutritional value. It has many benefits. However, only by mastering the healthy eating method of litchi can its therapeutic effect be better exerted.

So how to eat litchi healthy?

The following major fire reduction must be known.

  Watch out for “litchi disease” Chinese medicine believes that litchi is warm and those with yin deficiency and fire are cautious, that is, lychee is a mild food, and it is easy to “fire” if you eat more. Therefore, TCM syndrome differentiation is insufficient for yin deficiency, and people with a deficiency of fire are not suitable for eatingThe folk also say “one litchi and three fires”.

  Preliminary research shows that lychee has a hypoglycemic effect. Large amounts of food can cause hypoglycemia, mild dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, fatigue and weakness, pale complexion, cold and cold skin symptoms, and severe drowsiness and coma, convulsions, quadriplegia, arrhythmiaQi, blood pressure drops, and even life-threatening.

The main cause of the disease is eating a large amount of litchi on an empty stomach, which is caused by sudden hypoglycemia. It is called “litchi disease” and is more common in children.

There are also individuals who are allergic to lychee and may develop symptoms of allergic dermatitis such as rash, itchy ulcers.

  How to eat lychee 1 in health, soaking lychee in salt water can remove the fire and reduce the noise and peel the lychee.After 1 hour, the lychee is taken out and peeled, which can greatly reduce the fire and dryness.

  If you want the litchi to have a longer shelf life, you can also peel off the white film, soak the litchi pulp directly into the salt water, take it out for an hour, put it in a fresh-keeping box, and freeze it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator.Ready to eat.

  2. Don’t eat a large amount of litchi continuously. Don’t eat more than 10 at a time. Eating more food will make liver fire rise, dry throat, dry mouth, and severely cause nausea, limb weakness, dizziness and other discomfort.

Especially children, eat 3-4 capsules, and eat more easily to get fever.

People with a deficiency of yin and hotness, and those with a damp and hot body are not suitable to eat more litchi. At the same time, people with diabetes and those who are prone to bloating should eat litchi with caution.

  3. Don’t eat lychee on an empty stomach. Don’t eat lychee on an empty stomach. It is best to eat it half an hour after a meal.

  4, drink some soup to prevent ignite while eating lychee, you can drink more salt water, you can also use raw meat to cook lean meat, pork bone soup, or boiled water with candied dates, can prevent anger.

You can also take mung bean soup or green tea water in an appropriate amount to reduce litchi symptoms.

  Recommended litchi diet cures chickenpox problems: Litchi soaked in wine and eaten meat.

Avoid getting cold.

  Treatment of scabies malignant swelling: Use three or five litchis without double numbers, and use Taojing as the end. Make a paste with glutinous rice porridge and spread it on paper.

Leave a hole for poison gas.

Or use lychee meat and three white cream plums to make a cake.

Stick to the sore to eliminate the root cause.

  Governance is more than just: use seven litchis, burn the ash with the skin core, research into the end, the white soup is adjusted, and that’s it.

  Governing kidney qi: Litchi nucleus, green orange peel, fennel are divided into equal parts.

Serve two dollars with wine, three times a day.

  Treatment of women’s blood gas tingling, stomach pain, waist and back pain: use litchi kernels to burn, take half or two; stir-fried aconite seeds for one or two, at the end of the study, take two or two money each time, use salt soup, rice soup to adjust the service.
  Treatment of dysentery (red white rash): Litchi shell, oak bucket shell, pomegranate skin and licorice are fried before fried.

  Nasal stuffing: Seven dried lychees, boiled with 50 ml of vinegar.

  Tips for selecting litchi Fresh litchi should be bright in color, well-proportioned, thin-skinned, thick-skinned, tender and juicy, sweet and rich in aroma.

When picking, you can try to pinch first, and the good feeling of litchi should be flexible.

From the outside, the color of fresh lychees is generally very bright.

Sometimes the litchi fruit is seen to be a bit black. Such litchi has deteriorated and should be eaten with care.

  Therefore, picking litchi requires us to see, touch, smell, and sense to determine whether the litchi we are buying is fresh.

  Take a look at the litchi head.

If the head of the litchi is relatively sharp and the density of “nails” on the epidermis is relatively high, it means that the litchi is not mature enough, otherwise it is a mature litchi.

Second look at the shell, the lobed tan, the insertion line is obvious, such a litchi must be extremely sweet, try it if you don’t believe it!

From the outside, really fresh litchi is not very bright in color, dark red and slightly green, and no odor.

  The lychee held in the hand should be firm and elastic. Touch the peel, and the membrane inside should be white. If black spots appear, it means that the time is long.

  Smell with your nose, fresh lychees have a fragrant smell. If there is a sour or other taste, it means that they are not fresh.  Use your tongue to taste. The fresh lychee is eaten into your mouth. The flesh is flexible, the juice is seductive, sweet and sour.