Medicinal diet for patients with heart failure

Medicinal diet for patients with heart failure

Heart-kidney-yang deficiency is characterized by edema in the lower extremities or under the umbilicus, cool limbs, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of urination, action asthma, pale moss, and thin pulses.

Should eat warm kidney water, diuretic medicated diet.

  苓桂术甘粥  [原料]茯苓15克,白术6克,桂枝6克,冬瓜皮20克,白芍10克,甘草6克,干姜6克,粳米50克。  [Methods]Poria, atractylodes, winter melon peel, cinnamon sticks, baijiu, licorice, dried ginger decoction, fry 3 times, remove the residue to make juice, and boil the porridge with the washed and washed rice to slowly dissolve.

  [Characteristics]Guizhi is sweet, warm in nature, can warm the kidney, clear the heart and yang, dissolve water and gas; Poria, Atractylodes has a mild flavor, which can strengthen the spleen and dampness; melon peel diuresis and swelling; Baiji taste bitter, sour, mildCold, licorice is sweet and flat, can alleviate the heat of cinnamon sticks and dried ginger. Paeonia lactiflora has the effect of nourishing the liver and softening the liver; dried ginger has a sweet taste and is warm in nature.

Take this porridge often, heart failure, swelling of the feet, shortness of breath and palpitations can be improved.

  参姜鸡清汤  [原料]人参3克,生姜6克,鸡蛋1个。  [Methods]Ginseng and ginger are chopped, put into a pot, and boiled with water to 150 ml. When the slag is left to boil, add egg white to the liquid medicine, mix thoroughly, and put it on an empty stomach.

  [Characteristics]Ginseng replenishes vitality, restores yang and saves life; ginger warms the stomach and dispels cold, helping ginseng to develop yang; egg white is sweet and sweet, and the sex is flat and cold.

Changshizhi for the following limb edema is mainly heart and kidney yang deficiency in patients with right heart failure, there is some obesity.

  The type of heart-qi deficiency is shortness of breath, shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, improvement after rest, often sudden shortness of breath at night, unable to lie flat, pale tongue, and weak pulse.

Yishi tonic cardiopulmonary, kidney kidney Qi and asthma medicinal diet.

  蛤蚧人参粥  [原料]蛤蚧粉2克,人参粉2克,粳米50克。  [Methods]Wash the rice before cooking it and cook it into rice porridge. When cooked, add the tofu powder, stir the ginseng powder, and take it while hot.

  [Features]Ginseng is the king of qi tonic, which can enhance the functions of various organs of the human body, improve immunity, and increase myocardial contractility.

Toad tastes salty, flat in nature, can nourish lung qi, fix wheezing, help kidney yang, nourish essence and blood, and for lung and kidney deficient cough caused by weak heart qi, it can nourish lung and kidney, and satisfy qi and dyspnea effect.

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