Fun test: measuring the potential of birth date

Fun test: measuring the potential of birth date

The test of inner personality and potential strength based on the date of birth may seem incredible, but it has become very popular in Japan recently, and the testees have found that they can find accurate and wonderful answers. Do you believe it?

Know after playing.

  How to play: Please find different numbers from the year, month, day of your birth.

For example: December 9, 1978, there are (2 1s) (1 2s) (1 7s) (1 8s) and (2 9s), and then see, you will know your emotional expression ability, The ability to think, the ability to treat broken love, and so on.

  Analysis: (1) represents the ability to express emotions (one 1): You are a stubborn person who does not know how to express emotions, so you often secretly love people.

Since you are all rational, you are rarely hurt by love.

  (2 of 1): You are good at expressing feelings, and you can often show bold love to the person you want.

Because your mood is full of emotions, the love process also goes smoothly.

  (3 of 1): You do n’t easily reveal the secrets in your heart. You often tell others about things after careful consideration, so be patient with your lover.

  (4 of 1): You are very sensitive, your emotions fluctuate, you do not cover up your moods, sorrows and sorrows, you are prone to depression, and you need to be encouraged from time to time by your lover.

  (5 of 1): You are extremely emotional, and it is easy to hurt others. As your lover, you must be patient and caring for you to communicate with each other without hindrance.

  (2) Representative intuition (one 2): You are a reliable friend and lover who knows how to take into account the feelings of others and is good at discerning the thoughts of others.

  (2 of 2): You are empathetic, helpful and willing to give.

For the opposite sex, your attentiveness is very attractive.

  (3 of 2 or higher): Your intuition is average, but fortunately, it has a strong reaction ability.

You like a colorful life, and yearn for mysterious love.

  (3) Represents thinking ability and imagination (one 3): Super imagination allows you to exude unique charm, while you yearn for romantic and sweet love.

  (2 of 3): Words and deeds often exceed the norm, often thinking wildly.

When traveling with lovers, they often travel too vainly, making the other party boring.

  (3 of 3 or more): You have a high IQ, clear thinking, and can’t stand the monotonous life. If you don’t have the opportunity to exert your talents, you will become nervous.

  (4) Representative action ability (one 4): enthusiastic, passionate, self-confident, you will show your inner feelings boldly, and your sexual desire will be strong.

  (2 of 4 or more): Lack of self-confidence and loyalty to lovers.

There will be no misconceptions, and I expect the other half to focus on you.

  (5) Represents the firmness of the will (one 5): The thinking is simple, until the lover sees something different, you will not give up, hoping that there will be a day that will be clear and bright.

  (2 of 5): Your will is not firm, and it is easy to lose it halfway. Often, you will get half the work with half the effort. If you want to make good use of your talents, it is best to put everything on creative activities.

  (3 of 5 or more): The heart does not have the ability to restrain the enthusiasm, the impulse to do things, will never change the things you decide, but also the other half to listen to your instructions.

  (6) Representing self-worth (1 6): You are sensitive by nature and like to be appreciated by others. Only in this way can you exert the value of your existence.

  (2 of 6): Your sentimentality, lack of self-confidence, and your partner’s love for you are the driving force for your ability.

  (3 of 6 or more): You have absolute self-confidence. In order to make a difference, you will always go all out and like to be in the limelight.

  (7) Represents the ability to treat love (1 7): When you are in love, you will consider the other person thoroughly, and you will also have a strong ability to treat love, laugh at people, and cry.

  (2 7): Because you attach great importance to each time you fall in love, you often get hurt deeply when you fall in love. You need to talk to others in order to solve the depression.

  (3 7 or more): You are not easy to fall in love with, but once in love, you will be a very dedicated lover.

If abandoned, you can remember everything you used to.

  (8) Represents intelligence and logic (1 8): You have average intelligence but strong logic. You like to do things step by step and don’t like unexpected changes.

  (2 8 or more): You are smart and independent, strong in expression, decisive, and talented in leadership, and often do things well.

  (9) On behalf of thoughtfulness (1 9): You try to understand the desire of others for emotions, and then try to cooperate.

  (2 9 or more): No matter your intelligence or strength, you are very prosperous, but the disadvantage is that you often indulge in your own thoughts, making your lover feel that you are difficult to find.

  (10) Representing spiritual strength (1 0): Your life time and spiritual strength are divided up by your lover and friends. Remember to find a balance between friendship and love.  (2 0 or more): Your self-spirit is very strong, you can often grind the truth of things in adversity, and rarely cause wrong decisions