Some common foods that can replace eye cream

Some common foods that can replace eye cream

The most fearful thing among the MMs is the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes.

You buy too many expensive cosmetics, but not many are really effective.

How can you get rid of these nasty little things?

Come and share some foods that can eliminate crow’s feet and be comparable to brand skin care products!

  The dermal tissue of a chicken bone skin is mostly composed of elastic fibers, which become elastic fibers, and the skin loses elasticity, instead of the skin gathering together, forming crow’s feet.

Chicken skin and cartilage contain a large amount of titanium sulfate, which is the most important of elastic fibers.

Wash the leftover chicken bones and put them in soup with chicken skin. In addition to being nutritious, regular drinking can make the skin delicate. Over time, the crow’s feet will become.

  A glass of beer Beer contains less alcohol and contains precipitated acids and bitter acids that stimulate appetite and help digestion and clearing heat.

Beer also contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein, which are all nutrients that skin likes.

Add beer in moderation (150 yuan each for Chinese lunch and dinner?
250 grams), can strengthen the physique and reduce crow’s feet on the face.

  Chewing gum for a few minutes a day can not only clean your teeth, but also reduce the crow’s feet on your face and make your face ruddy.

Facial muscles exercised by chewing energy improve the blood circulation of the face, enhance the metabolism of facial cells, and gradually reduce crow’s feet.

  A ball of rice When the rice is ready, pick some soft and warm rice and knead it, put it on the face and knead it until the rice ball becomes greasy and black, then rinse the face with water.

Rice can suck out the oil and dirt in the skin pores, make the skin breathe, and reduce crow’s feet.