Friends who like western food believe that they are no stranger to rosemary. When you add thin leaves when cooking, you can remove the fishy smell and overflow the steak aroma; fresh grass can be used for tea, bathing, sweating and refreshing;But it is both a condiment and a Chinese medicine.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Introduced into the Western Regions, the branches and leaves were taken into the bag to admire, and the aroma was strong.

“Rosemary is warm and non-toxic.

Flowers and seeds can reduce headaches, help sleep, and prevent hair loss.

It also has the effect of eliminating flatulence, enhancing memory and refreshing.

Rosemary tea has a shocking clear-headed fragrance, can enhance brain functions, can improve headaches, increase memory, and does not prevent students who need a lot of memory from using more rosemary tea, but it is not suitable for pregnant womenaccommodate.

It also has great potential for colds, bloating, and obesity.

Rosemary flowers are distilled to produce aromatic oils. The world’s first perfume, Louisiana Water, is extracted from rosemary.

The effect of rosemary is really too much, comrades who are prone to fatigue in the afternoon can try to use it, or add an appropriate amount of rosemary when cooking, it is a good choice!