Husband and wife set a communication day

Husband and wife set a communication day

The last Saturday of each month is the “communication day” when Yuxia and her husband can’t move.

  The couple are busy in the unit.

In the past, Yu Xia, who was the sales team leader in the mall, stood at the counter every day, her back hurts, her legs are sore, and she has to pick up vegetables for cooking after work. Her husband is a road and bridge engineer, and often works on the construction site.I ran, and I was exhausted when I came home at night.

  Often he asks her to be “gentle”, but she always listens to her refusal. She wants him to be “considerate”, but he is angry and says that I’m working hard to earn money out of it for you two, and of course you should let me go homeTake a break and watch TV, etc.

If the three words are not speculative, it will lead to a quarrel, which will make the chicken jump and cry, and then ignore each other for a few days with a cold face. The mood is depressed and irritable, and the relationship between the couple will be greatly affected by time.

  Fortunately, the couple knew the reason, and they went into the counseling room.

At the suggestion of a psychologist, the two recently agreed that one day should be drawn from the month, that is, the last Saturday of each month should be set as a fixed “communication day.”

At that time, all the chores will be decisively put down, and the child will be placed at the grandmother’s house. Then the couple will ride to the park where they often come to love, or communicate with each other calmly and talk about family affairs, arrange life for next month, or count down undisguisedly.Criticize the other person, or just blush your neck and get into a fight with a rough and painful neck (anyway, my neighbors ca n’t hear the quarrel here).

After speaking, we feel relaxed each other. After a summer storm, the sky is extraordinarily pure and beautiful, and then maybe they will hide behind the bush like they used to love.

  Strange to say, since the monthly communication was carried out thoroughly, the dissatisfaction in her heart has been regularly released and vented. The couple usually quarrels instead of chores. The housework is divided, the children respect the elderly, and they are envious of the people.

  In the face of increasing pressure on survival, communication between husband and wife is very important.

Making communication fixed, that is, regular equal husband and wife dialogues, can ease nervous and irritable minds, and reduce family conflicts.