Say goodbye to stress relaxation

Say goodbye to stress relaxation

Snoring: Learn to take a nap in all occasions at home, in the office, or even in the car. It only takes 10 minutes to cheer you up.

  Imagination: Relax your brain by imagining places you like, such as the sea, mountains, etc .; concentrate your thoughts on the “look, smell, and listen” of the imagination, and gradually progress to achieve the purpose of spiritual relaxation.

  Massage: Close your eyes tightly, use your fingertips to massage the forehead and the back of the neck, and rotate them in the same direction regularly; do not rub aimlessly.

  Breathing: Breathe quickly, in order to relax more slowly, inhale slowly, hold your breath, and then exhale. Each phase lasts eight beats.

  Abdominal breathing: Lie flat on the floor, face up, relax your body naturally, and close your eyes tightly.

Exhale, exhale all the air from the lungs, swell out the abdomen, then tighten the abdomen, inhale, and finally relax to restore the abdomen to its original state.

After a few minutes of normal breathing, repeat this process.

  Informal routine: Try different methods often and do things you do n’t usually do, such as jumping up and down stairs with your feet.

  Sing while bathing: When taking a bath every day, let go of your singing voice and try to lengthen the pitch.

Because singing loudly requires constant deep breathing, so you can relax and feel happy.

  Development interest: Cultivate interest in various activities and enjoy it.

  Contraction exercise: Contraction exercise can relax the muscles of the whole body, which is very beneficial to relieve tension.

  Relaxation response: Sit comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes tightly, relax your muscles, silently take a breath and take a breath, focusing on deep breathing.