Three you must know the truth about losing weight


Three you must know the truth about losing weight

Recently, many weight loss truths have awakened a bunch of dreamers. Here are the top three weight loss stories and their analysis.


With obese friends, it is easier to increase the weight story: Do you go shopping together, play together, get fat together?


Oh, it sounds scary, but it makes sense: the two couples have been together for a long time, so it is definitely not alarmist.

New England magazine article New research report: If your friend’s weight increases, then it is very likely that you are also heavy.

The researchers found that if your friend is fatter, your chances of getting fat will increase by 57%.

If it is a very close friend, then the chance is soaring to 171%.

銆€銆€The truth of the story: obesity is indeed contagious, and there are many facts to be studied.

Researchers suspect that this tendency is due to people imitating each other.

Think about it: When you go shopping with friends, he bought a sundae ice cream, and you are also enjoying the ice cream together, or you will feel that it is a bit strange that he eats you.

In the same way, with a big chunk of friends for a long time, you are used to accepting such a body.

But there is one more advantage: if your friend is losing weight, then you are likely to follow along to control the amount of food.

銆€銆€What should you do: Although a fat friend may make you fat, but of course you don’t want to have less friends with your good friends. After all, this reason is too funny.

At this time, you should play the power of friendship: encourage your friends to join the slimming club or start a diet plan.


Sports have no effect on weight loss: The researchers found that people who exercise are more prone to fatigue, so they eat more than usual, completely replacing the energy consumed by your exercise and even absorbing too much energy.

The harder you exercise, the more your appetite will be.

Many people support this view: a good diet plan, until the lazy and inactive people, can also lose weight successfully.

銆€銆€The truth of the story: If you are looking for a good excuse not to exercise, it is a pity that this is not a good excuse.

Regular exercise has been shown to be effective in reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and mild depression.

Slimming men and women also have to admit that although people will feel more arid after exercise, exercise is still a way to control weight.

The key is that the transients that are not implanted are more than the transients consumed.

銆€銆€What to do: Pay attention to your diet, don’t worry about your food after you haven’t done it after exercise.


Weight rebound virus story: If you can inject a needle, it will be good for humans to immunize obesity.

Although this is still a fantasy, scientists are working on a virus that will rebound after a successful weight loss.

A doctor in Baton Rouge, USA, has discovered that adenovirus 36, a virus that causes respiratory disease, will transform stem cells into human fecal cells.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has experimented with chickens and similar findings.

The study found that if the chicken is infected with adenovirus 37, the middle of the chicken will be three times heavier than when it is not infected.

銆€銆€The truth of the story: Obesity has many causes, and scientists involved in the study believe that the virus is not the only cause, and may not be the common cause.

They hope to invent a vaccine that can help humans implant the virus, but there is no miracle yet.

銆€銆€What to do to lose weight: Research is continuing, and the result may be the development of an effective weapon against hyperactivity.

But overall, what you can do is put down the sugar bowl, think about how much conversion you get every day, how do you consume it and let yourself exercise!