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Fruit and Vegetable Beauty

It is said that this year’s winter is particularly long. It has arrived in March in Yangchun, but there is still a hint of coolness in the air, but many girls are ready for the warm season not far away.

Taking off the heavy coat, exposing his delicate skin, are you worrying about changing the skin quality?

The world’s most compelling new skincare concept-fruits and vegetables, healthy skincare methods of fruits and vegetables are hot!

  Fruit emollients are just as popular as laughter. They can promote the elimination of exhaust gas from the body. Fruit-based body lotions also bring the same effect to the skin. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are such vital products.A loyal fan.

And this year’s particularly popular is the complex tone fruit body products.

That is to say, the front note is a distinctive fruit flavor, such as citrus, honeydew, etc., but the back note is not simple, mixed with floral notes or other fruits and vegetables.

When this clear fruity taste is combined with different skin, it will produce its own unique body odor.

The best time to use fruit-type body lotion is after bathing in the morning. The same body lotion and body lotion are used together. The fragrance time will be replaced. Even if the clothes are never completely thin, it will help you get a whole body.Lightness of the sky.

  Detoxify your body with freshly squeezed fruit. If you are in good shape, it’s just that this winter’s edible sea plugs piled up excess meat. Detoxifying your body with freshly squeezed fruit juice is a good way to restore laziness in your figure.

Of course, drinking is very particular.

Mischa Barton confessed that in the weeks of detoxifying her body, she only ate two vegetarian meals a day, and each meal was only seven minutes full. When she felt hungry, she drank healthy freshly squeezed fruit, and was really hungry?

Eat bananas.

This trick was also borrowed before Na Ying’s comeback. After high-intensity dance rehearsal, she was only approved to eat bananas.

  Okinawa’s body and skin are all “jealous”. A few years ago, the fruit vinegar really did a good job.

Vinegar made from cereals, fruits and vegetables not only has appetizing, liver-relieving, and lung-tolerating effects. A large amount of organic acids can also enhance the body’s immunity, help detoxify, and make vinegar a maintenance fashion for a time.

Recently in Japan, beauty vinegar has been very popular. Not only has the material source and purification significantly increased, but the price has also doubled.

Because beauty experts have found that fruit vinegar can be used both for eating and for excellent results on the skin and hair.

That’s right, 2010 “Vinegar Maintenance” is back!

  Many people know that a small cup of fruit vinegar after meals every day is good for maintaining body.

However, scientists have recently discovered a new finding: the fruit acid factor in fruit vinegar can effectively stimulate the scalp’s metabolism, the nutritional supply of roots quickly, and the hair will swell up.

Therefore, it is particularly popular in Okinawa today to use sucrose / cider vinegar instead of conditioner.

After each shampoo, gently wipe the scalp with about half a paper cup of vinegar. The acetic acid in the fruit vinegar can remove the static ions in the hair. When the hair is drilled out of the winter hat, it will be smooth and obedient.

  Seoul Fragrance is in love with 100% vegetables. Have you ever heard of lavender and rose aroma, but have you heard of cauliflower and pea aroma?

In Seoul, South Korea, the super-scented aroma has recently fallen in love with 100% organic vegetables!

Maybe, for example, the pea corners appearing in the new whitening ingredients this year are scented with aroma, cauliflower, broad beans and other kitchen ingredients. They have become the main ingredients of aroma.

Of course, this is not for gimmicks at all, they have soothing effects without losing the fragrance of flowers, and have outstanding anti-aging effects.

Imagine that when you close your eyes and smell the scent of vegetables in the field, your spirit will be particularly excited, and the cells in your body and skin will follow.

  The “field mood” is based on the intangible organic cauliflower in bamboo knots, and broad bean aroma. Unlike the floral aroma, the created gas field is more gentle and soothing, and it is very environmentally friendly!

Therefore, even families with pregnant women and infants can use it with confidence.

They are also very good at stimulating the brain to produce happiness factors (endorphins), so they are very suitable for use when you fall asleep or get up in the morning, purify the air and maintain a good mood. Naturally, it is an intangible bonus for maintaining your skin.

  Grapefruit is the easiest kind of fruit in New York. If you want to lose weight, it ‘s the easiest kind of fruit. Although the top notes feel a bit astringent, the fragrance is sweet and sweet, and the rich vitamins are unmatched by other fruits.There is also the nickname of “Happy Fruit King”.

Maybe you don’t know that grapefruit is still a thin master. The moisturizer made with it can accelerate the metabolism of free cells and tighten the skin.

After this discovery swept New York for the first time, grapefruit-flavored skincare products were once out of stock. The United States, the country that consumes the most gum in the world, also made it into chewing beads.

  Chewing gum also helps to reduce the weight of grapefruit.

Scientists have been surprised to find that chewing exercise can increase the amount of oxygen transported to the brain and increase the metabolic rate of cerebral cortical nerve cells, but it should be noted that the effect of chewing gum on the brain is 7 minutes.

Chewing more is harmless, but it causes the masseter muscle to grow unknowingly.

Grapefruit chewing gum is not the same, it takes just 7 minutes to chew it until it melts and tasteless.

  California’s glamour colors are made of fresh fruits. I am afraid that many people who are familiar with maintenance will have the same concerns as me when they want to add color to healthy skin: “What are the source of these eye shadows and lipsticks?Will it hurt the skin?

“The 38 special makeup products recently released in the United States have dispelled this concern for the first time-they are all based on 100% organic fresh fruit juice, and then use fresh fruits and minerals as color dyes to ensure that cosmetics have skin care effects from texture to color!!

The earliest creator of the figurine was Juice Beauty, a California organic beauty brand.

After applying these absolutely natural “fresh fruit colors”, the fearful makeup clan finally felt extra relieved. No wonder the hot selling scene appeared when they came out.