Menstrual color to look at health conditions to ease dysmenorrhea massage

Menstrual color to look at health conditions to ease dysmenorrhea massage

Today, I will introduce to my female friends how to look healthy from menstrual color.

  When a woman reaches a certain age, menstruation basically comes once every month, and the amount of menstruation, whether the menstrual period is painful, the color of menstruation, etc. can make the person’s physical condition.

  Chinese medicine believes that the onset of menstruation also means that women are becoming mature and have the opportunity to conceive and reproduce; in addition, it is able to exchange blood for women every month, so that women can always keep their youthful moment.

  The next time you come to menstruation, you may wish to check if your body is healthy by the color of your menstruation.


Dark red If the dark red here is because of blood clots, don’t be nervous, just your uterus is clearing the dirt!

  However, if the dark red condition persists for more than 3 days, it may not be related to uterine fibroids. Generally, the symptoms of uterine fibroids can be penetrated from menstruation. If dark red blood is found and lasts for many days, it is recommendedEarly treatment!


Pink If your bleeding is pink and has been replaced with the blood volume, it may be the phenomenon of early pregnancy, or it may be drip bleeding caused by hormone mutations, indicating that you have some hidden dangers to pay attention to!

You can check if you have late sleep lately. In Chinese medicine, pink blood is considered to be a condition of blood deficiency.


Big red big red blood means your endometrium is changing at a fairly rapid rate. After the end of the cycle, the uterus is quite clean. Generally speaking, this one is not good!

However, you only need to pay attention to whether the menstrual period is longer than in the past. If it exceeds the normal number of days (please compare with yourself), it will be safer to see it at the hospital.


Clear red If your menstrual color is orange-red, pay special attention!

It may be an early disease of vaginal infection, and it may be accompanied by a strong odor. If it is a clear red girl, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately!

  If your menstrual color is orange-red then you need to pay special attention.

This color may be an early infection of your vaginal infection. At this time, it will also be accompanied by a strong odor. If your menstrual color is clear red, see your doctor.


Dark brown menstruation means that your blood has not flowed out for a long time, which means that it has accumulated in the body for a long time. This is a phenomenon of irregular menstruation!

You can look for obstetrics and gynecology or Chinese medicine to take good care of the body.


If the amount is too small, if your menstrual period is coming, it will show very little, or light brown, little by little, and this condition will appear in the two days when the menstrual flow should be the most, which is likely to be a hormone imbalance.
In addition, it may be an early phenomenon of pregnancy. Girls who are preparing to become pregnant must be very careful at this time!

  Menstruation may be a pain, but it can actually be used to test your health!

May wish to accept it!

  Traditional Chinese medicine teaches you how to relieve pain quickly. Many women have experienced dysmenorrhea during massage. Some women even have painkillers in their bags during the period to relieve the symptoms.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts said that there are medications to relieve pain. It is better to massage the following points to prevent and treat primary dysmenorrhea.

  Taichong acupoint rubbing Taichong (with obvious effect of dredging liver and relieving pain).

It can even treat dysmenorrhea and all gynecological diseases) Location: Between the big toe and the second toe.

  Massage method: Use your left thumb to twist the right Taichong acupoint, it is advisable to have a soreness. After 1 minute, change the right thumb to the left Taichong acupoint for 1 minute.

  Sanyinjiao points by rubbing Sanyinjiao (with the function of transporting the heart and kidneys, igniting the fire, and alleviating the pain and pain of all gynecological diseases). Location: On the calf, when the complications within the foot are 3 inches above the bone, the bone fills the edge behind.

  Massage method: Use the thumb of the left hand to twist the right Sanyinjiao point, it is advisable to have a soreness, and then change the thumb of the right hand to twist the left Sanyinjiao for 1 minute.

  Blood sea acupoints are massaged according to blood sea acupoints (with the function of inducing blood to return to menstruation and treating blood diseases, preventing blood sea acupoints can alleviate lower abdominal pain during menstruation.

) Position: Bend your knees, 2 inches above the thighs, at the base of the iliac crest, when the head of the quadriceps is raised.

Sitting on a chair, stretch your legs straight, there will be a dent in the upper part, there is a raised muscle above the dent, the top of the muscle is the blood sea hole.

  Massage method: Two thumbs overlap to overcome this acupoint. Usually, the left leg also hurts when dysmenorrhea, which stimulates the left leg more.

It would be better to put a warm water bottle on the waist.
  Uterine acupoint rubbing uterine acupoint (stimulating uterine acupoint is a conditioning method directly directed to female genitalia, which has a significant effect, has the effect of promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, and regulating qi and analgesic effect): the uterine acupoint is located in the lower abdomen, and the lower palm of the umbilicus (umbilicusUnder 4 inches) in the middle.
There are four horizontal fingers on the left and right (3 inches on the side of the midline).

Massage method: Insert two adjacent uterine points with the index finger and middle finger of both hands, apply a little pressure, rub it slowly, take acid swelling as the degree, operate for 5 minutes, and feel the heat in the abdominal cavity is the best.

  Self-massage for the treatment of dysmenorrhea is generally called 5 before menstruation?
Treatment started on 7 days, and stopped after menstrual cramps. Manipulation was applied before the next menstrual cramps.

The purpose of massage is to draw blood down, so the treatment must be performed when there is pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral region before menstruation.

If done properly, can the period be advanced by 1?
After 2 days, the pain will disappear or be relieved by passing through the menstrual blood.

  The massage method for treating dysmenorrhea originates from traditional Chinese medicine. Some people may not have a precise grasp of acupuncture points, which may affect the effect of massage. Therefore, friends who wish to treat dysmenorrhea through massage can find a professional Chinese physician to consult massage methods.

  The culprit of menstrual disturbances is irregular menstruation, leaving women in gray areas.

Find the culprit now.

  First, if the pressure is at the age of birth, if the woman is under stress for a long time, feels suffocated or has a bad mood, it will inhibit the function of the hypothalamus pituitary. She will no longer secrete female hormones and ovulate.

  Second, cold women suffer from cold during the menstrual period, which increases the vasoconstriction in the pelvic cavity, leading to ovarian dysfunction, which can cause too little menstrual flow and even amenorrhea.

  Third, electromagnetic waves. Various household appliances and electronic equipment will generate different electromagnetic waves during use, which will have a negative impact on the endocrine and reproductive functions of human females, leading to endocrine disruption and menstrual disorders.

  Fourth, constipation Constipation may cause menstrual disorders in women.

After the rectum is overfilled, cervical cancer is tilted forward and the uterus is tilted backward.

If the uterine reclining occurs repeatedly, the veins in the broad ligament will be compressed and not open, and the uterine wall will become congested and lose elasticity, causing back pain and menstrual disorders.

  Fifth, the abuse of drugs or the frequent use of antibiotics may cause menstrual disorders, anovulation, and amenorrhea for women.

Because these drugs inhibit, it hurts the body’s own resistance and leads to body dysfunction.

  TCM regulates menstrual tension and disorders. Women with menstrual disorders have obvious skin stains, looseness, dullness, large pores, rough skin, and abnormal skin ulcers.

Toxin deposition in women’s body is detrimental to detoxification of the uterus and ovaries, aging, infertility.

So how to treat menstrual disturbance?

What medicine is good for menstrual disturbance?

  Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon for female sibs, but chaos can also occur when affected by certain factors.

So what medicine is good for menstrual disturbance?

Because there are many reasons for menstrual disorders, women cannot take medicine by themselves. They should go to the hospital for a detailed examination and find the cause of the symptomatic treatment.

Shall recover soon.

  If women pay attention to health care during menstruation, they can effectively avoid menstrual aberrations. Menstrual periods should be kept warm, avoid cold and cold stimulation, and prevent cold and evil invasion; pay attention to rest, reduce fatigue, strengthen nutrition and enhance physical fitness; and also try to control the emotional fluctuationsAvoid strong mental stimulation and keep your mood happy.

Menstrual period should pay attention to diet conditioning, pre-menstrual and menstrual period to avoid cold and cold things.

  Women have the physiological characteristics of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and milk, and each connection cannot be separated from the abundant body blood.

If the Yin blood is insufficient, it will inevitably lead to physiological abnormalities and various mutations. Therefore, Chinese medicine has a theory of “women’s blood-based”.

Therefore, the basic principle of women tonic is nourishing yin and nourishing blood.

Although there are various causes of menstrual disorders, the most common ones are deficiency of qi and blood, and insufficient blood of yin.

  Through the above sharing, I hope it will help female friends to know their physical condition.