See the magic tongue diagnosis by treating the flame with the tongue

See the magic tongue diagnosis by treating the flame with the tongue

Chinese medicine doctors pay attention to the four consultations, looking forward to asking.

Of the four consultations, the inspection is the most intuitive, and it is also the first diagnostic method most doctors prefer. The tongue diagnosis is a condensed Chinese medicine culture and accumulation.

With a tongue, we can intuitively and quickly determine the location and type of disease, saving time for subsequent treatment and conditioning.

  Let’s talk about it, the fire has some kind of expression on the tongue.

  Heart fire turned red at the tip of the tongue, which means that the color is brighter but darker than usual.

In fact, a red tongue that is darker than normal is a more common disease symptom. It indicates that there is a heat syndrome in your body, but the location of the red tongue is different, and the problems reflected are different.

For example, the manifestations of heart fire are mainly red tongue, dry mouth, irritability, sore tongue, poor sleep, yellow urine, and dry stool.

If the heart fire is strong, but the symptoms are mild, Dao Chi San is commonly used in clinical practice; if the symptoms are severe, you can use Xiexin Decoction, which contains Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Cork, and Rhubarb.

  Liver fire, red tongue at both ends of the tongue is the most susceptible organ in the body.

The clinical manifestations of liver fire and heart fire are different, and their tongue images are also different.

Sore tongue or dry mouth, poor sleep, this is a typical anger.

If your mouth is dry, your mouth is still bitter, your eyes are red, etc.

When there is liver fire, the tongue will become red, but the bilateral redness is more obvious.

Clinically, eating Longdan Xiegan Pills can clear the liver fire.

In addition, you can drink herbal tea, some use Kudingcha with chrysanthemum and vitex instead of water.

If your face is flushed and your blood pressure rises, you can soak water with prunella vulgaris and vines to help lower blood pressure.

  Red lungs and coughing with lung fire. In addition to heart and liver, the lungs often get angry due to external sensations.

The redness is in the front half of the tongue, and it is accompanied by cough, dry nose, dry mouth, dry throat, etc., which usually belongs to lung fire.

Qingfeihuo mainly uses Xiebaisan.

In addition, because of the appearance of the lungs and large intestine, many patients with pulmonary fever do not have smooth stools.

Therefore, both lung heat and abdominal gas should be cleared during the treatment. You can use 15g of white grass root, 15g of reed root, and 50g of white radish to make a soup, which is a good heat-relief dish.

  Moss yellow bad breath with stomach fire and spleen and stomach is the day after tomorrow of human beings.

At this time, when the stomach is hot, the whole tongue is relatively red, and sometimes the tongue is red and yellow, and the yellow will cover the red, so you need to pay special attention.

Stomach fire patients usually show stomach pain, bad breath and bitter taste, and always want to drink water, especially cold water and other symptoms.

At this time, it is recommended to try a medicine for clearing stomach heat.

  Depending on the specific pathogenesis, there may be different treatments for the same disease.

There is also a clinical type of stomach heat, which can be accompanied by symptoms such as dry stools and bloating of the stomach, that is, yangming sis.

At this time, you can use Chengqi soup.

Chengqi decoction is divided into large Chengqi decoction, small Chengqi decoction and Tiaowei Chengqi decoction. Depending on the clinical condition, different recipes need to be selected, so it is best to consult a professional before taking it.

Many people use rhubarb water to help laxative. It must be reminded that this method cannot be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause dark spots in the colon.

  Kidney fire is closely related to the color of the tongue and the coldness and heat of the moss tongue, while the amount of tongue fur shows a deformed reality.

The above cases are all evidence of real heat, often with red tongue and moss, and all are yellow moss.

If the tongue is red or has little or no moss, it is a deficiency of heat.

  Clinically speaking of deficiency and heat syndrome is not to swallow the jujube.

There are two stages of deficiency fever syndrome.

The first stage is mainly manifested by backache, soft knees, dry mouth, tinnitus, and sometimes poor sleep. At this time, the tongue is red and mossy.

If the internal heat is more abundant, there is upset, night sweats, and hot hands and feet, it means that the yin deficiency is more serious. At this time, the tongue is redder than before, and there is no tongue coating or a thin layer of yellow coating.

If the tongue is red and less mossy, and the tongue is not so obvious, you can use Liuwei Dihuang Wan.Liuwei Dihuang Pills are mainly tonifying the kidney and yin.

If the degree of tongue redness is more obvious than the former, accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, and hands always want to be placed on the glass plate, in this case use Zhibai Dihuang Wan.

Taking medicine must be based on the condition of the tongue and combined with systemic symptoms. Zhibai Dihuang Wan and Qiju Dihuang Wan are both suitable for treating yin deficiency and fire, but when accompanied by headache, dizziness, and dry eyes, Qijudi Huang Wan is more suitable.

If accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, etc., Zhibai Dihuang Wan is more suitable.

  Temperatures change rapidly in spring, and the air is dry, making it easy to get angry.

We must pay attention to proper exercise and regulate our diet in our lives to lay the foundation for our physical health. Once faced with the problem of getting angry, it will not prevent us from trying the above methods and we will definitely gain something.