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Forever young loves my anti-aging massage

There are many ways to love yourself now. In addition to applying skin care products daily, it is actually more effective to do massage. The correct massage method is matched with the appropriate skin care products. It is really simple to want to be 20 years old forever.

  Love yourself and try it hard!

5-10 minutes a day, the skin will return to you for longer!

  STEP1 remove the double chin and put your finger on the chin area. Push the chin as the center to push and slide.

  STEP2 can be pushed to the ear position, STEP3 can create ruddy muscles. Hands should be pressed up and down on the lower edges of the two toes, and the tips of the fingers should be close to the skin.

  STEP4 Toxin moment OUT places the end of the bent finger against the cheek in a parallel direction.

  STEP5 Gently pinch your fingers between your two toes and slide over the temples for three rounds.

  STEP6 stimulates the lymph glands to put the curved fingers close to the cheeks on both sides, and apply a little force to clamp the flesh of the arms, and clamp them through the face line toward the ears.

  STEP7 until close to the ear position, rotate your fingers 90 degrees directly to stimulate the acupuncture points with knuckles.

  Recommended anti-aging single product one: Dior Reverse Time-Space Skin Rejuvenation Instant Repair Essence 880 yuan / 30ml Reverse Time-Space Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Series presents innovations in the field of anti-wrinkle repair for women in the 21st century.Strange effect.

Through stem cell research and precise measurement of the day and night activity of stem cells, Dior Dior directly integrates the research results into an innovative formula, which can be continuously used to give the skin perfect anti-wrinkle repair 24 hours a day.

  Recommended anti-aging single product two: Estee Lauder Miracle Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Essence Lotion 980 yuan / 50ml velvety smooth soft gap, accompanied by the fragrance of plants of jasmine, spoon and rose, instantly penetrate, miraculously smooth away the marks of age, wonderIt is elastic, firm, clear and smooth without traces of beautiful skin, even after a tiring day, it still looks energetic.

For best results, it is recommended to use morning and evening daily after cleansing and conditioning, in combination with Gel Concealer SPF15 / Emulsion SPF15 or Elastic Firming Skin Softening Cream SPF15 / Emulsion SPF15 and Night Cream.

Dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested, suitable for all skin types without causing acne.

  Recommended anti-aging single product three: L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Modeling Cream 220 yuan / 50ml mature skin needs more comprehensive care, in order to firmly stay tight and elastic.

Global anti-wrinkle expert L’Oreal Paris from face and neck intensive massage treatment to intensive face care, from cleansing to intensive care, from face to eye details, from day to night, at any time to inject more comprehensive and more complete skin shaping power.

From the whole country, the contours of the face to the face will help you catch your face and neck without showing age.

  Recommended anti-aging single product four: Shiseido massage cream 350 yuan / 50g just right to promote blood circulation on the face, without any burden on the skin, make the skin moist and elastic.

Gently wipe off after massage.

The faint floral fragrance relaxes your body.

Suitable for women who want to get a full massage and enjoy the skin.

Promote skin metabolism, enhance cell vitality, and weaken dark spots, brown spots, and make the skin healthy, balanced and bright.

  Recommended anti-aging single product five: Sun and Moon crystals wake up and nourish massage milk 350 yuan / 40g through massage, gently awakens the sleeping skin, so that the skin presents the ideal state and perfectly reflects the makeup of morning massage gel.

Focus on high moisturizing performance and comfortable use.

The rich, transparent gel-like curd slowly penetrates into the skin during sleep, makes the skin plump and hydrated, and promotes blood circulation through massage, glowing skin elasticity and transparency.

Refreshing and non-sticky.

  Recommended anti-aging single product six: Clinique’s progressive seven-day massage cream 250 yuan / 100ml suitable for all types of skin, remove aging dead skin cells, brighten the skin, clean pores, and reduce fine lines.

Makes skin brighter, fresher, reduces fine lines, tightens skin and controls oil secretion.

Adds shine to skin for easier application

Makes the moisture layer easier to absorb moisture.

Does not harm the skin.

No residue remains after washing with water.

Removes dead skin cells, brightens skin, and cleanses pores.

  Recommended anti-aging single product seven: Ya Ha Ya optimized massage mask 160 yuan / 80g while feeling a soft and warm massage, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, and make the skin softer.

The massage cream forms a mask that envelops the skin, effectively intensively cares for the dryness, and keeps the skin full of moisturizing tension inside and out.