Advantages of breast pump + bottle replacement

Advantages of breast pump + bottle replacement

Breastfeeding in person will encounter a lot of unexpected problems. Some novice moms are late to feed, and they give the baby a milk bottle. After waiting for milk, they find that the baby is not willing to eat the mother’s nipples. Some babies are unwilling to work hard.Suck my mother’s milk, preferring to make her cry in the babies instead of sucking her nipples; some babies are born with weak sucking power, and fall asleep after eating a few mouthfuls, but they can eat a lot with a bottle; some babies are always unable to hold backNipples; babies with mixed intakes have the illusion of nipples, and refuse to eat a bottle after eating breast milk, and refuse to suck breast milk after eating a bottle . In such a situation, mothers have to repeatedly try to feed breast milk unsuccessfully.To continue breastfeeding in another way, breastfeeding with a breast pump is a workaround.

  Advantages of breast pump + bottle method First, the baby eats less effort. Relatively, the baby prefers to eat the bottle. It is so refreshing to eat a lot of milk, so I can eat a lot at a time.

Many novice moms didn’t know what pacifiers to buy from the beginning, and most of the bottles sold on the market are equipped with cross-hole pacifiers as standard.

When you realize that a newborn should use a small round hole pacifier, you may not be able to change it.

  The second advantage is that it is easy to adjust the diet plan. The composition of breast milk will change during feeding. The protein content of milk in the first 5 minutes is lower than that in the last 5 minutes.

Mothers can adjust breastfeeding based on this change.

Adults with dyspepsia and diarrhea can only feed the first 5 minutes of milk. If half of the milk is forcibly pulled out, the baby will definitely cry, but it will not have such problems when sucked out with a breast pump.

  And those babies with poor appetite and weak sucking ability often cannot breastfeed their mother’s breasts and cannot eat the second half of milk, so the mother can only feed the milk produced 5 minutes after feeding.

  The third advantage is that the mother can feed the labor-saving mother to milk the milk once, and the whole family can help to feed, and there is no need to take the baby with you when you have something to go out.

  The fourth advantage is that it is convenient to use a bottle to replace breast milk at work and weaning. The convenience of mothers after work does not need to be further described.

Similarly, as long as the mother is weaning herself at the time of weaning, it is only a matter of changing the taste for the baby.

  The role of the breast pump 1, unblock the milk tube.

  2. Make excess milk.

  3. It helps to realize the separation of time and space between “lactation” and “feeding”, which is very convenient after work, and more convenient for business trips.

  4, it helps to promote milk, the more it sucks, the higher the yield.