Solve the acne rumors and cure acne

Get rid of acne rumors and cure acne

As for facial acne, everyone is deeply disgusted, but why your acne homework seems to be done in vain, and it has no effect?

You need to calmly examine whether your acne treatment is correct.

Now, I will break down the five rumors that disturb your acne project, and help you find the most effective way to cure acne.

  Crack: Five rumors to remove acne People who have not experienced acne must not understand the pain of acne on the body.

Many people who suffer from acne invasion will use various side recipes because they want acne to disappear quickly.

There are many acne remedies that have been circulating for a long time. It seems to be a joke in modern people, but you may not believe that there are really so many people who have tried these ineffective remedies.

  Here are the most popular recipes for acne, let’s crack it together!


Acne is very painful, and it will turn black after it grows, so it is best to cover your face with toothpaste every day, and it must be “black X toothpaste” to be effective.


Toothpaste contains peppermint ingredient, which will make the skin feel cool when applied, so it can temporarily relieve the pain of acne.

But fluoride in toothpaste can irritate hair follicles and make acne worse.

Therefore, “toothpaste for acne” is a rumor!


It is wrong to put Salompass on the acne!

Putting Salompass on acne before bed is a recipe that many people have tried.

Some people even cut Salompass into small pieces and stick them as long as they have acne. When they are torn off the next day, they look forward to removing the acne hidden in the pores.Ten brilliant pieces of Salompass will appear).

  Salompass is an analgesic patch that contains salicylic acid.

Although salicylic acid can accelerate the metabolism of keratin, putting salonpas on the acne area will have a sealing effect, making the affected area airtight, which will worsen the symptoms, and the salicylic acid concentration in salonpas may be harmful to the skinToo high, easily cause allergies.

In addition, the process of removing Salon Pass is very enjoyable, and it is also easy to hurt the skin or cause inflammation.


Wash your face with overnight tea water!

Some people say that acne is because the tuberculosis is too oily, so washing your face with overnight tea water can remove too much oil on your face.

  Tea water has a degreasing effect, but there are many reasons for acne, not just to get acne just because your face is too oily.

So just washing your face with tea water cannot cure acne.


Acne cannot eat bread, steamed buns, buns, hair cakes, cakes.
Do not eat any pasta containing “flour”.

Because “hair powder” will make hair, it will make acne hair more, absolutely not eat!


“Hair powder” is baking soda powder. The chemical name is sodium bicarbonate, which has nothing to do with acne.

Older generations mistakenly believe that because flour can cause everything to start, so when it comes to bread, buns, buns, and cakes that contain flour.
After the lower belly, the acne on it will also “fat”!


Every day, use the scrub to remove the acne. Some people say that the acne area will be triggered. As long as you wash your face with the scrub every day and rub it hard, the acne will be smoothed out!


“Exfoliating cream” is a physical exfoliating product of “ancient times”. It has the same function as the exfoliating products of modern age.

  One of the causes of acne is adenosine, which causes acne in the pores.

When you have acne, your skin is already in an inflammatory state. When you are in an inflammatory state, it is not suitable to use a physical exfoliating product to metabolize keratin.
So rubbing with a scrub when acne does not make the acne flat.
  Editor Ding Xiaoying: There are many reasons for acne. It may be rupture and inflammation of hair follicles, it may be caused by anaerobic bacteria, it may be a sign of physical dysfunction, etc. Therefore, the treatment of acne is best to seek the assistance of a dermatologist.

  Acne easily recurs, and currently there is no medicine that can guarantee that it never recurs.

So be sure to pay attention to your daily life, do not use excessive crush, do not use scrubs to exfoliate desperately, and be patient for treatment, acne can be controlled!

  Tips: Five points to cure acne are serious and uncomfortable, but it is not easy to get rid of it. Usually, a lot of acne products are rubbed, but it still does not work. What should I do?

Here are 5 small things to help you easily eliminate “acne” and make your skin smooth and delicate!

  Cure point 1 Don’t let acne and hot water meet. The first thing to pay attention to is to choose the right cleaning products.

General acne is caused by excessive secretion of sebaceous glands during adolescence, so cleansing products must choose a refreshing type, low irritation, or cleansing soap.

In terms of water temperature control, it is usually enough to use warm water similar to the body temperature. Note that hot water must not be used.

  Curative point 2 is only effective for skin care products to defeat aloe vera, tea tree oil has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, and the occurrence of acne is largely due to the damage to the skin’s barrier function, which in turn causes infection.

Therefore, skin care products containing aloe, tea tree oil, North American witch hazel and other ingredients have certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects on acne.

  Radical point 3 drink lemonade for internal adjustment. One bottle of 2000cc water per day plus half a lemon juice. Drink at least three bottles a day. Remember!

Drinking plain water is very slow, but adding lemon is not the same.

After trying this method, it was cleared in half a month, no acne scars were seen after three months, and the skin was so shiny and delicate that it felt very effective!

  Radical point 4 ice cube milk anti-acne shrink pores towel method: Put the cleaned towel in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, and after a few hours, apply it to the washed solid.Helps while shrinking pores.

  Radical point 5 Conditioning endocrine is the root of acne. Some people think that the tuberculosis bag is acne, and often buy drugs to use without authorization. Irresponsibility to the face eventually leads to more and more scars.

Many times it is because the endocrine disorder is manifested on the skin, and external medicine alone cannot solve the substantial problem.

Therefore, conditioning endocrine is the foundation of acne treatment.